Why Leash Your Dog?

Please keep all dogs leashed until they are within the first gate at the dog park, even if no one appears to be nearby.


This a requirement for the safety of your dog and other people. It is City ordinance that all dogs must be leashed in public, with the fenced area of the dog park being an obvious exemption.

While many of us (myself included!) trust our dogs to run between our car and the gate, Newton’s Dog Park is conveniently accessible to pedestrians on the bike path. Walkers and bicyclists on the path may appear suddenly from around the bend and most do not appreciate unknown dogs approaching them or may be concerned about safety even from a distance. Even extremely happy dogs can be scary for someone that doesn’t know them and isn’t expecting to be approached by a dog. Your dog may also become suddenly excitable by something new or moving fast and choose to “check it out.”

The Newton Animal Control Officer has messaged me to confer on this situation and I hope that you will all understand the need for compliance among ALL dog park users with no exceptions. I believe the easiest solution is personal and group responsibility.

When unloading your dogs from your vehicle, please leash them and walk them inside the first gate. You may safely unleash them at that time.

If you see someone unloading their dogs and they do not leash them, please remind them of Rule #3 of the dog park. I think we are a tight group and we are all tied together by our love of dogs! It is up to us to create the best space possible for our community to enjoy.

Thank you so much! Now let’s enjoy the park!

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