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Thank you for following information on the Newton Dog Park! I know many Newtonians are excited at the prospect of having a dog park in our City. Although there is little to report, now, I wanted to provide a quick update to let everyone know there is ongoing discussion with the City. I am optimistic in believing that there will be a dog park in Newton.

I appreciate all of you and the support you’ve provided, if only by discussing it with your friends and others in Newton. If no one talks about it, the perception is that there is no desire for a dog park. Because I have been working with this, I know that is not true. There is a respectable percentage of our community that has a desire for a dog park for varying reasons.

Please continue on this path as we move forward and I will update you as things happen and anything more you can do. Please also feel free to contact your City officials and commissioners regarding the issue. I can provide specific contact information for anyone interested. There is a specific need in this area, so if you are extremely interested in a dog park and are willing to talk to people, please let me know through the contact form.

Finally, please be aware that the e-news subscription on the Home page of not only means you will be getting necessary updates for the dog park, but also a part of a group I refer to as the dog park supporters when advocating for the park. Although I have a number of individuals not signed up for the e-news and I account for them, the higher the number of individuals signed up for that, the more people I can firmly attest there are in the community that support the dog park. Please share that information with friends and other supporters you know.

Thank you!

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