Proposed Location: Centennial Park

Have you wondered where we are on the Newton Dog Park Project?

We are currently working with the City of Newton to establish a City-owned and maintained location in Centennial Park for the park. This minimizes future upkeep costs, as the City already maintains the land. Ideally, fencing and amenities will be primarily funded through private, community-driven fundraising.

Newton Dog Park Project members and City Staff are currently working with this area (pictured) north of the Blue Sky Sculpture area.


The northern area would be for small dogs and is approximately 0.5 acres.
The southern area would be for large dogs and is approximately 1.5 acres.

For size comparison, the small dog area in Hesston is 0.2 acres and the large dog area is 1.0 acres.

This is a prime location, as it allows access from a paved road (Kansas Ave.) and has established parking. It is directly next to Sand Creek and the associated Bike Path sidewalk, allowing for pedestrian access.

It also has the opportunity for water access. It should be adequate access for dual (human and canine) drinking fountains. As Centennial Park is further developed in the future, water access may expand and allow for more exciting water features.
We have a working list of functional and fun amenities for the park, in addition to the necessary fencing. That list will become available soon.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! I would love to hear from you here or through our contact form.

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