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It has only been two months since I first asked about the possibility of a dog park in Newton. The outpouring of personal support for the idea has been both energizing and encouraging. On this short side of the journey, individuals, businesses, and organizations have all voiced approval and offered different levels of support with their varying skills.

Right now I know we are still¬†organizing. We really need more people to talk about it, be willing to talk to city officials when the time is right (we’ll let you know!), as well as for people to bring their skills and ideas to the project.

We are considering how best approach the idea as well as when to move forward. Getting our ducks in a row… Although there are small meetings going on between individual supporters, a public “task force” meeting may well be on its way. I will post details here and on our facebook page if or when one is planned. If you are an e-News subscriber, you will get the details in your inbox.

Thank you all in advance for your helpful thoughts, words, and actions moving forward making a dog park a reality for our city. I know it will be something to be proud of.

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Ashley Klein

Director, Newton Dog Park Project
Seasoned animal lover, local pet care business owner
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