NDPP Director Awarded Newton Young Professional of the Year

Newton Kansas Professionals of the Year Award

The Newton Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes Newtonians that have dedicated significant time and effort improving Newton or the Newton Young Professionals group. This year the award was presented to three awesome NYP members.

Ashley Klein, creator of the Newton Dog Park Project, was presented with the Newton Young Professional of the Year award last week recognizing her work in the community spearheading Newton’s public dog park at Centennial Park beginning in 2012.

I wasn’t there but I was told she was red faced and caught completely by surprise. 🙂

Also recognized this year were members Jessica Taylor for her work as the Community Engagement Coordinator of Safe Hope and Courtney Critchfield for her work as Chamber of Commerce Liaison to the NYP group.

Congrats to these three local professionals and thank you for working at making Newton a better and more vibrant community.

(pictured LEFT to RIGHT –> Courtney, Jessica, Ashley. Pic courtesy NYP)

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